Cruises From Miami – Depart From Miami!

March 28, 2012

Cruises from Miami

Cruises from Miami

Miami is one the hottest vacation destinations in America. Perhaps its because Miami is hot year round! Millions of people every year visit this beautiful city in sunny southern Florida for its exotic beaches, amazing year round warmth and its vibrant nightlife. It boasts some of the most modern architecture in as well as what are arguably the most beautiful beaches in America. All of this has culiminated in making Miami one of the best places to book your cruise vacation. Cruises from Miami are an exceptional value and leaving from the beautiful beaches of Miami to your cruise destination makes for one of the all-around best cruise experiences available in Florida! Miami has year round warm weather that entices visitors from all of the globe to its exotic beaches. Many of these visitors are coming specifically to board one of the exceptional cruises from Miami, while others come for honeymoons, bachelor parties, weddings you name it!

Miami offers plenty of fun for the grownups with its blazing hot night life, but it also is jam packed with fun opportunities for kids and senior citizens. Cruises from Miami do not disappoint because you will have as much fun in Miami as you will on your cruise! The Spanish were the first people to arrive on Miami’s beautiful coast line so the rich Spanish heritage of the area is noticeable from the moment you arrive. Miami was used by the Spanish in negotiations with the English to end the Seven Year War between England and the Spanish crown. England simply could not refuse the ownership of such a beautiful location that is unlike any other in America.

England soon after traded Miami back to Spain for the Bahamas, and Spanish rule continued all the way into the early 19th century. The ships that sailed the shores in the past are long gone,  and now the only cruises from Miami are on multi-million dollar behemoth cruise liners, that are sure to add excitement and incredible memories for all cruise goers. The major reason most people choose to take cruises from Miami is that they want to explore Miami’s beautiful coast line that encompasses over 35 miles of sunny beaches!

From Sunny Isles all the way to South Beach, there is nothing to be found in Miami but exceptional beauty. Miami’s beauty doesn’t stop at its beaches, the city is also known for its gorgeous people, both men and women that are surprisingly so attractive looking that many visitors wind up people watching half the time before they board their cruises from this beautiful city. If swimming, tanning or just exploring sunny beaches is your thing, there are numerous different styles of beaches to fit your unique interest. Many travelers who are taking cruises from Miami also claim that its shopping is second to none. Designer fashion, high end retail you name it, the beautiful people in Miami know about looking good and they will spend a pretty penny to be clothed in the hottest fashions.

This is particularly exciting for you if you are taking a cruise from Miami and you come from an area with no high end retailers. Just browsing the stores will amaze you and maybe even prompt you to buy something nice to wear on your cruise! If you are were seeking out information on cruises from Miami, than surely you will be interested in Miami’s amazing cruise port called Dante B. Fascell Port of Miami. This amazing cruise terminal and shipping port can be found in sunny Biscane Bay in Miami, Florida. The port is unique in that it is actually located on an island that started as three separate islands but is now merged into one. It is ranked as the 11th largest cargo container port in the world, but it is the number one port in the world for cruises. An interesting fact that may entice you to choose Miami as your cruise destination is that 1 in 7 cruise passengers in the entire world begin their journey from the Port of Miami. You have to wonder what it that makes cruises from Miami so popular! Do not delay, book your cruises from Miami quick because they are so popular you want to make sure you get the package of your dreams before someone else does!

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